ABE Keigo Sensei, founded the JAPAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION the 10th February 1999. Abe Sensei holds 9th Dan in the Japan Shotokan Karate Association and is the JSKA Chief Instructor. It is one of the fastest growing Shotokan associations in the world. Abe Keigo Sensei was born in October 1938 in the town of Iyoshi in Ehime Prefecture on Shikoku Island in East Japan. Abe Sensei started Karate and Judo training when he was 15 years old. In 1956 he entered the Japan Engineering University in Tokyo from which he graduated in 1960. In 1958 Abe Sensei started to train at the Headquarters of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) where he met a young and powerful Sensei, NAKAYAMA Masatoshi Sensei, who was to become his grand master. Abe Sensei trained there every day for nearly 35 years. During this time, Abe Sensei was informed by Nakayama Sensei that Nakayama Sensei himself was taught by FUNAKOSHI Gichin Sensei as well as by his son FUNAKOSHI Yoshitaka. This is further reflected in the teaching of Abe Sensei and the JSKA. In 1965 Abe Sensei graduated as JKA instructor, progressing to become an important member of the JKA Headquarters' instructors staff and in 1985 was appointed Director of Qualifications; in 1990, Abe Sensei was appointed Technical Director of the JKA (Matsuno section), a position held until retiring from the JKA (Matsuno section) on 31st January 1999, and on the behest of his students worldwide, forming the JSKA. Abe Sensei, through his unique position as senior student of Nakayama Sensei, is and will remain an integral part of the evolution of the Shotokan style.
****35th KARATE FESTIVAL**** .

JSKA INTERNATIONAL OPEN KARATE CHAMPIONSHIP AND SEMINAR 2015 (From 6th February 2015 to 15th February 2015) Conducted by Sensei ABE KEIGO (Chief Instructor JSKA WORLD,9th Dan, JAPAN) and Sensei NAGAKI MITSURU (Asst. Chief Instructor JSKA WORLD, 8th Dan, JAPAN) .

Seminar: 06.02.2015 Thrissur, 07.02.2015 Mananthavady, Wayanad, 08.02.2015 Kozhikode, 09.02.2015 Palakkad, 10.02.2015 Bangalore, 12.02.2015 Thrissur. For further information: E-Mail:jskachampionship2015@gmail.com, Phone: +91 9488736082 .