ABE Keigo Sensei, 9th Dan Japan, founded and gave birth to courageous unique karate association known as “JAPAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION” on 10th February 1999. It is one of the fastest growing Shotokan associations in the world. Abe Sensei trained for three decades under NAKAYAMA Masatoshi Sensei, a student of FUNAKOSHI Gichin Sensei. ABE Sensei’s teaching is based on traditional Shotokan style but also includes ABE Sensei’s unique style. Abe Keigo Sensei has taught and influenced some of the top Japanese instructors in the world today, and headed numerous delegations around 60 countries representing JSKA. Abe Sensei also served as an official instructor for Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Technology and also headed over asNational Referee for JKF. Abe Sensei worked as fight consultant on the filming of the James Bond movie “You Only Live Twice”, an experience which remains one of Abe Sensei’s many fond memories.Abe Sensei has a great understanding of Karate history and philosophy through the formation and development of Shotokan style. And this is what he perceives the future has to offer: “I feel that today’s Karate is centered only on winning competitions and everyone trains towards this end. But this is very far from the true purpose of Karate. I believe that the true purpose of Karate lies in daily training with a goal to develop in parallel a strong body and mind and furthermore to contribute to society in general; the Karate-do we practice has for essential purpose to attain a correct control of body and mind”. Abe Sensei established the JSKA to realize what he himself sees as the true purpose of Karate.

Sensei PK Gopalakrishnan – All India Chief Instructor had a great interest in Martial Arts since his inception in his mother’s womb. His untiring efforts and vigorous results remain as vital proof for same. More than oxygen, he just INHALES Karate & EXHALES his experience to students. He is just more than a MASTER - No partiality / No discrimination.He got a ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ issued by ‘Goshin Kai Karate Association’ for performing 101 Katas from 4 recognized styles in 3 hours.He took affiliation of JSKA (JAPAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION) in the year 2009. He organized many training camps of Sensei Abe Keigo (World grand master of JSKA) and Sensei Nagaki Mitsuru (Assistant Chief Instructor JSKA) all over India and also conducted State, National and International Championship for 30 years.

Now JSKA has 500 Instructors, 1300 black belt holders and 50,000 members all over India. As a result of his hard work JSKA India opened its branches in UAE, QATAR, KUWAIT, SRILANKA, SOUTH AFRICA AND MALDIVES and Sensei P.K.Gopalakrishnan is the technical director and Examiner of all these countries.

The JSKA Karate philosophy is to
• Improve technique as a sport
• Enjoy Karate practice as a means for developing a healthy body and mind.
• Learn self-defense as a martial art