We proudly introduce the Official competition Team of JSKA India, which is been formed under the name “TEAM JSKA”. The chief Trainer of Team JSKA is Sensei.PK Gopalakrishnan (Chief Instructor JSKA India), who took this great initiative with the aim of improving and organizing various tournaments and Karate events all over India.

Prime Motto of TEAM JSKA is to promote boundless benefits of learning martial arts and Team JSKA will predominantly focus on training Kata, Team Kata (with Bunkai) and Kumite. In each and every training, WKF (World Karate Federation) rules been strictly followed. (WKF is the one and only Karate organization recognized by International Olympic Committee).

Members of this team are designated through various selection procedures conducted all overJSKA branches of India. And their training emphasizes the psychological elements incorporated in to a proper attitude such as perseverance, fearlessness, virtue and leadership skills.

Each and every member of TEAM JSKA always ensure to discharge their duties by implementing “International standards” of Karate.