Sensei PK.GOPALAKRISHNAN, All India Chief Instructor (JSKA INDIA) was born in Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad Dt. Kerala. He is the elder son of Late Mr. Krishnan Kutty and Mrs.Janaki.
Though financial situation remained as a hindrance for his Academic fortune, yet he took it as a challenge and never failed to attain his goal towards Martial Arts Fortune.
Probably this could be one of the reasonPK.Gopalakrishnan strongly believe in this wise quote:-
“Winning Horse doesn’t know why it runs in race. It runs because of the beat and pains. Life is a race and Passion is your rider. If pain is more, then you are getting closer to your goal”.
Since his inception in mother’s womb, he had a great interest in Martial arts – YES his untiring efforts and vigorous results remain as vital proof for same.
During 1978, He started practicing Karate under Sensei K.F Alfred (sensei Prem Kumar was his Chief instructor and Bonnie Robert, Sri Lanka was Chief examiner) and once he got got Black Belt (Sho Dan) by 1984, started teaching Karate.To sharpen his performance, till date he strictly follows healthy diet and a“BIG NO” to Alcohol,Smoking etc.
More than oxygen, he just INHALES Karate & EXHALES his experience to students. He is just more than a MASTER - No partiality / No discrimination. Those who joins his class with 100% determination will be lucky enough to get his 100% dedicated training. Though conducting class is his bread & butter, yet he never fails to give free training for those passionate students who literally can’t afford that minimal fee also.
In 1989 he and Sensei Alfred formed ‘Tan –Tin Karate International Shotokan’.Later Sensei Gopalakrishnan formed ISSKA.
His thirst towards Kata added one more feather to his cap by recognizing him as an EBULLIENT kata performer of all four recognized styles, which resulted up owing his persistent tough training under guidance of Masters of various Karate styles.
After learning numerous KATAS, he performed 101 Katas in the presence of Bunch of Prominent / distinguished Martial Art officials. But that didn’t fulfill his Thirst and Thrive,instead his passion drove him to that extent where he became a master of almost 160 Katas of different styles.
He got a ‘Life Time Achievement Award’ issued by ‘Goshin Kai Karate Association’ for performing 101 Katas from 4 recognized styles in 3 hours. He got chances to practice under many Japanese masters and other renowned instructors. He bagged up credentials in national and international championships.
He took affiliation of JSKA (JAPAN SHOTOKAN KARATE ASSOCIATION) in the year 2009. He organized many training camps of Sensei Abe Keigo(World grand master of JSKA) and Sensei Nagaki Mitsuru (Assistant Chief Instructor JSKA) all over India and also conducted State, National and International Championship for 30 years.
From the Test conducted by Sensei Abe Keigo and Sensei Nagaki Mitsuru, he got 7th Dan (Shichi Dan) during February 2015.
Now JSKA has 500 Instructors, 1300 black belt holders and 50,000 members all over India. As a result of his hard work JSKA India opened it branches in Middle East, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Maldives and Sensei PK.Gopalakrishnan is the technical director and Examiner of all these countries.